What we do

What we do

Here you can find out about the Industry Development Directorate, Department of Commerce. This includes an outline of our key focus areas, reporting relationship to the Minister and the partnerships that we develop to achieve outcomes.

(Please note that the WA Innovator of the Year Program and management of the Innovation Centre of WA have been transferred to the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer). 

Our goal

To be recognised as a valued contributor to Western Australia’s long term prosperity.

Aligned with Government priorities, the Directorate is positioned as a catalyst for industry development in Western Australia by focussing on Western Australia’s competitive strengths, strategic location and vast natural resources. 

Our key focus areas

  • marine and defence (including the Australian Marine Complex AMC common user facility);
  • industry participation;
  • regional telecommunications;
  • funding programs, awards and conferences (including the Australasian Oil and Gas Conference);
  • technology parks

These key focus areas are specified as follows:

  • In the marine and defence sector our role is to facilitate, promote and attract new business to the range of specialised manufacturing support services based at the AMC at Henderson in Western Australia. Our role also includes promoting Western Australia’s defence sector capability and capacity to deliver the nation’s future shipbuilding and submarine programs.
  • The Industry Participation team ensures that local industry receives full, fair and reasonable opportunity to participate in major projects taking place throughout the State. This is done by monitoring the level of local content used in construction and manufacturing projects, promoting local industry participation and administering funding programs for WA small to medium enterprises to improve their capacity and competitiveness.
  • Our Regional Telecommunications team partners with other Government agencies, regional communities and industry to improve mobile and internet coverage in regional Western Australia.  This work contributes to remote user safety and a wider access to automated information services.
  • Funding programs include the highly successful Industry Facilitation and Support Program (IFSP) which supports small and medium sized enterprises in building capability and capacity to enable access to major project and market opportunities in targeted industry sectors.The Industry Development Directorate also manages the WA Industry and Export Awards and the Australasian Oil and Gas Conference.
  • On behalf of the State Government of Western Australia we administer the operations of Technology Park, Bentley and the AMC Jakovich Centre, Henderson. Technology Park Bentley provides an environment for the development and growth of technology-based industry.
    • Technology Park Bentley is currently home to over 100 innovative organisations which include companies, research and development organisations, and educational and vocational institutions.
    •  The AMC Jakovich Centre is a state-of-the-art central services facility which provides professional business, function and conference suites to maximise commercial and networking opportunities. The AMC Jakovich Centre provides a central meeting point for representatives of industry, research organisations, education institutions and support service companies specialising in the marine, defence, oil and gas sectors. 

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