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Western Australia is home to the largest, most modern steel fabrication industry in Australia. The reputation of WA fabricators is built on the skills of its workforce and a commitment to safety, quality, reliability and efficiency.

The WA fabrication industry is characterised by its successful long track record of producing complex structures in highly competitive and demanding markets. With an expected total market output of approximately 190,000 tonnes in 2016 there is capacity to increase output to more than 300,000t.

The three largest local firms hold over 200,000 square metres of land and over 100,000 square metres of workshop space. WA workshops have greater crane capacity than those in any other state and have unrivalled capacity to transport heavy modules using the high wide load corridor, AMC heavy lift and floating dock facilities.

Productivity step changes have been generated with a shift from labour based fabrication and manual machine programming to computer controlled CNC beam lines and plasma, laser and gas profile cutting, drilling, threading and marking machines. This equipment efficiently creates fabricated steelwork straight from the detailer model, reducing errors and saving time.

World-class technology, including the multi-user facilities at the AMC, has allowed WA’s major structural fabricators to successfully complete larger and more complex international contracts. WA firms are able to perform to the most demanding commercial standards while maintaining Australia’s exacting safety, compliance and social responsibilities. This is achieved through higher productivity, better management and a highly skilled workforce.

In addition, WA’s shipbuilding and module fabrication industries are well serviced by a wide range of technical and manufacturing companies covering steel supply, galvanising, pipe fabrication, modular buildings, electrical instrumentation, pressure and storage tanks, and insulation.

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