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Western Australia has a well-established infrastructure base with experienced contractors delivering excellent results. During 2013-14, defence contracts managed at Henderson were worth an estimated $624 million, creating up to 4,000 jobs.

Ongoing sustainment projects conducted at the AMC include:

  • $143.7 million for ANZAC frigate sustainment, contracted to NSM Australia
  • $152.4 million for Collins submarine sustainment, contracted to ASC, Raytheon and BAE Systems
  • $50 million contract to BAE Systems for modifications and maintenance to the platforms of the ANZAC frigates
  • $380 million contract to BAE Systems and SAAB to upgrade the ANZAC frigate anti-ship missile defence & combat management systems
  • $15.6 million for sustainment of HMAS Sirius by ASP Defence Support Services

Smaller sustainment contracts include a $5.8 million contract with L3-Oceania for maintenance of navigation display systems, and a $4.5 million contract with Thales Underwater Systems for maintenance and technical support for the MU90 Light Weight Torpedo.

The international success of WA’s marine sector is demonstrated by Austal and BAE Systems. Austal is a world leader in defence and commercial ship design and construction. Since 1988, Austal has designed and built more than 255 vessels for over 100 operators in 44 countries, including the US Navy and Royal Australian Navy. BAE Systems is one of the world’s leading designers, builders and systems integrators of naval ships and submarines.

AMC-based oil and gas and resource projects include:

  • Assembly and load-out of stackers and reclaimers and iron-ore shiploaders
  • Fabrication and load-out of subsea spools 
  • Fabrication of a 70-meter luxury yacht 
  • Gorgon LNG wharf caissons
  • Manufacture of cryogenic storage vessels
  • Wheatstone product loading facility

Major fabricators are connected to the AMC by a High Wide Load road network, allowing them direct and easy access to the AMC’s substantial assembly and load out capability.

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