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The State Government established the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) - Common User Facility (CUF) at Henderson near Perth in 2003. The AMC-CUF has been an outstanding success, providing infrastructure and facilities for the defence, oil and gas, marine and mining sectors.

In addition to providing cost competitive infrastructure and facilities, the CUF has been the catalyst for a wide range of businesses attracted to the adjacent industrial precincts. Since its opening in July 2003, the AMC-CUF has delivered more than 399 major projects worth in excess of $2.25 billion and generated more than 33,792 jobs.

The AMC is an integrated industrial estate driven by an opportunity to create an innovative industry cluster which services an existing shipbuilding industry while creating facilities to help maximise economic benefits from the surge in resources activity. Common use facilities include:

  • Fully serviced 40 ha common laydown, load out and assembly area
  • Heavy-wide-load road system linked to Main Roads network
  • Main fabrication hall (80m long x 60m wide x 40m high) with 200t capacity gantry crane and mounted on a rail that can move 80m
  • Fully protected harbour dredged to 10m with load-out wharf capabilities
  • 3,000t wharf dredged to 11m and can service vessels 200m long
  • Fully fenced with security controlled access gates
  • Fully paved site to take 10t/m2, 600t mobile cranes and 40t forklift loads
  • Additional supporting fabrication halls
  • All services reticulated underground including power, water, telecom, sewer, air, security and fire fighting

The Common User Facility is equipped to undertake:

  • Ship upgrade/modification, repair and maintenance
  • Hull and superstructure module construction for shipbuilding
  • Oil and gas and minerals related fabrication, repair and maintenance
  • Mineral and hydrocarbon downstream processing related fabrication, repair and maintenance
  • Oversize/overweight equipment fabrication and assembly

The Common User Facility provides fabrication facilities for: Topside modules, ship hull and superstructure modules, ship repair and maintenance, modularised LNG process trains, integrated deck structures, pressure vessels, jacket structures, sub-sea connections and components, piles, and mining and hydrocarbon processing equipment.

Importantly, the AMC hosts over 150 companies that support the CUF. The close proximity of the Support Precinct within the Australian Marine Complex provides real opportunities and synergies for companies keen to locate close to major customers. The precinct is home to some of the best design, support and service companies that attract business and support manufacturing for the local maritime, defence and resource sectors.

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