Western Australian Products Symbol Act 1972

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The Minister for Commerce has responsibility for the Western Australian Products Symbol Act 1972 which is the enabling legislation that authorises the use of a prescribed symbol (the WA Birthmark symbol) to distinguish and promote the sale of products made in Western Australia.

Section 5 of the Western Australian Products Symbol Act 1972 provides that “a person who sells any product, the production and preparation of which is substantially carried out in the State, is authorised to affix to the product or to its container a prescribed symbol”.

The WA Birthmark symbol represents a statement of claim about the nature of a product, specifically, that the product(s) are primarily made in Western Australia.  If the symbol is used incorrectly and deemed to be false, misleading or deceptive, then penalties may apply under the Australian Consumer Law.

WA Birthmark SAMPLE ONLY, by Industry Development Directorate

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Western Australian Products Symbol Act 1972

Current as at 12 September 2003...

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If you would like to discuss the use of the WA Birthmark symbol and/or to obtain a copy of the logo, please email: industry.participation@commerce.wa.gov.au

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