Flexible work for managers

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It is a myth that business success requires all managers to be at work all of the time! 

With minimum adjustment, managers can successfully:

  • work fewer than full time hours
  • share a senior job with another manager
  • take additional leave
  • spend part of their time working from home or another remote location

Benefits of allowing managers to work flexibly:

  • increased rate of return to work of managers following parental leave
  • helps to expand the management pool through increased numbers of  female managers
  • broader mix of skills and experience for the same salary cost if the management position is on a job share basis
  • skills are provided at less than full cost where the manager works part time
  • facilitates phased retirement and retention of experienced managers – male and female – who may otherwise retire early
  • job sharing creates an opportunity for internal talent to step up to a more senior position

Work flexibility for managers can be successful if:

  • senior management is committed and supportive
  • it is open to all managers, regardless of age and gender – decide on operational grounds, not personal characteristics
  • communication channels are maintained – upwards to the executive, downwards to employees, and laterally to colleagues
  • other managers and the manager’s own work group support the arrangement
  • business targets and operational requirements can still be met
  • team supervision can still be provided
  • performance expectations are fair, clear and realistic
  • work-life boundaries are agreed, e.g. whether and when the part time manager is available outside working hours
  • risks are identified and managed
  • the manager’s performance is monitored and evaluated
  • technology is used creatively to support the flexible arrangement – e.g. mobile communications, remote access to business systems for managers working from home
  • meeting times and appointments are negotiable
  • where a job share arrangement exists, processes are in place to ensure smooth transitioning and communication 


Check that flexible arrangements for managers are consistent with the manager's employment contract, any applicable award or industrial agreement, other workplace laws, and occupational safety and health requirements. 


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