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Public sector employers

Labour relations advisers respond to many enquiries from public sector agencies. Some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers can be found here.

Can employees seek advice from the Public Sector Labour Relations?

No. The role of the Public Sector Labour Relations is to provide advice to representatives of public sector employers. It is inappropriate for the directorate to also provide advice to employees. This avoids potential conflicts of interest. Employees wishing to seek advice can contact their agency's human resource department or relevant union.

Where can copies of awards relating to the public sector be found?

Up-to-date copies of all awards are available from the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission website.

Where can copies of current public sector industrial  agreements be found?

A list of the current agreements, including agency specific agreements, can be found on the Public Sector Agreements page and provides links to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission. Some agreements are not available from the websites, and the relevant agency will need to be contacted.

What are Treasurer's Instructions and what is the relevance to the management of labour relations in the public sector?

Treasurer's Instructions are issued in accordance with section 78 of the Financial Management Act 2006. The Act makes provision for the administration and audit of the public finances of the State and certain statutory authorities, including the payment of salaries, act of grace payments, and other matters affecting employment entitlements.

Where can copies of the Treasurer's Instructions be found?

Treasurer's Instructions are available from the Department of Treasury website.

I am a public sector labour relations/human resource management practitioner. Who is my Public Sector Labour Relations Adviser?

Before contacting a Public Sector Labour Relations Adviser, please note the following:

  • We do not assist public sector employees. This service is for use by public sector labour relations/human resource management practitioners only.

  • Public sector employees should contact their agency's human resource department or relevant union for advice concerning employment matters.

  • Private sector employers and employees should contact the department's Wageline service.

  • All enquiries concerning human resource management issues, senior executive service (SES) attraction and retention benefits should be directed to the Public Sector Commission.

A list of current Public Sector Labour Relations advisers is available.

Where can the gazetted public holiday dates for Western Australia be found?

The department maintains an up-to-date list of public holidays in Western Australia.


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