Interim Report - Ministerial Review of the State Industrial Relations System

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The Interim Report of the Ministerial Review of the State Industrial Relations System was published on
20 March 2018.  

The Interim Report was republished on 20 April 2018 to make a correction to an error in paragraph [1265] on page 427.  

The Interim Report outlines the issues arising out of a consideration of the Terms of Reference, stakeholder meetings and submissions to the Review, together with a set of proposed recommendations, for discussion and submissions, and particular issues for which further submissions are requested.

Submissions should be forwarded to the Review secretariat at by 1 May 2018.  (This is an extension of time from the initial due date of 17 April 2018.) 

As for the submissions made about the Terms of Reference, the Review intends to publish written submissions in response to the Interim Report.  However, if you do not wish this to occur, please advise of this when lodging a submission.

If you have any questions about the Review process, please contact the secretariat at

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