Mature age employment

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Flexible work options can help attract and retain mature age staff and overcome skills shortages in your business.

By employing mature age workers, your business can:

  • solve skill shortages in a cost effective way
  • reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs
  • have a diverse workforce with a range of knowledge, skills and experience
  • understand and meet the needs of older clients and customers
  • enhance workforce stability and productivity

It starts with a change of attitude – be open and flexible about the age spread of your workforce and create an age-friendly workplace culture. 

You can retain existing mature age employees by: 

  • offering phased retirement
  • providing flexible work options 

Benefits of phased retirement

Phased retirement enables mature age employees to postpone retirement while still having time for non work commitments and interests. Employees can gradually ‘ease out’ of employment by reducing the number of hours they work or by changing their job role or responsibilities. This can be either a long term or short term arrangement.

The business benefits of phased retirement are:

  • retention of skilled employees in the workforce for a longer period of time
  • preservation of organisational / corporate knowledge
  • provision of a system for effective succession management
  • creation of a flexible and responsive workforce
  • increased return on investment in training and development
  • enhanced ability to respond to older clients and their needs

Offering flexible work options

The Flexible work options page has information on flexible work arrangements that may assist you attract and retain mature age employees. 




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