Pay equity and small business

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Businesses that ensure pay equity and flexible work options may:

  • increase their profits by enhancing productivity 
  • attract talented women
  • have lower turnover and absentee rates 
  • create a more motivated and productive workplace and
  • reduce work life conflict and improve well-being and employee satisfaction.

Check how your small business measures up on pay equity:

  • are women paid the same starting wage as men for jobs of equal value?
  • can you demonstrate that similar jobs performed by men and women have similar pay?
  • do you negotiate with your employees about their pay and treat men and women the same in this process?
  • can you demonstrate that there are no gender biases in allowances or bonuses?
  • do part timers receive the same benefits as full time staff on a pro rata basis?
  • are there flexible working arrangements available for all employees if the jobs are appropriate for flexible arrangements?
  • are females fully supported in their work and able to access training and development to the same extent as males?
  • do you review your working conditions on a regular basis and examine them for any gender biases?

If you answered ‘yes’ to some or all of these questions, then you are on a positive path to ensuring pay equity supports a more engaged workforce. You can use the resources on this website to help create a more gender equitable workplace. 

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