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Premier’s Circular 2017/03 Coordination and Governance of Public Sector Labour Relations provides the Minister responsible for Industrial Relations and the Executive Director of Labour Relations (EDLR) with responsibility for the coordination, governance and consistent management of labour relations in the public sector including the Public Sector Government Wages Policy.

Public Sector Labour Relations (PSLR) is authorised to represent the EDLR and the Minister responsible for Industrial Relations in matters concerning the coordination and governance of public sector labour relations.

Our Role & Authority 

PSLR has delegated authority under the Premier’s Circular 2017/03 Coordination and Governance of Public Sector Labour Relations, to undertake the coordination and governance of all labour relations matters in the public sector including:

  • provide strategic advice on cross-sector and public sector body specific matters to the Minister responsible for Industrial Relations, Economic and Expenditure Reform Committees, Cabinet and/or public sector agencies
  • lead and/or facilitate the negotiation of industrial agreements on behalf of Government by representing public sector bodies in the conduct of negotiations for cross-sector industrial agreements
  • determine its level of involvement in negotiations conducted by a public sector employing authority for a single agency agreement
  • review proposals from public sector bodies to utilise contract for service arrangements for labour relations matters
  • approve proposals from public sector bodies that:
    • do not require approval of the Minister responsible for Industrial Relations;
    • have been endorsed by the relevant portfolio Minister where required;
    • fall within pre-approved parameters for negotiations;
    • are within policy;
    • do not require additional funding; and
    • do not represent a risk to Government through, undermining the integrity of the Government’s policies, financial implications or impacting the capacity of the Government to manage its workforce, including potential jurisdictional issues.
  • manage issues that present a potential risk to the conduct of public sector industrial relations in the State industrial relations jurisdiction
  • develop and issue policy statements and instructions, and circulars to public sector bodies
  • issue general correspondence to Chief Executive Officers on labour relations matters for non-industrial agreement related matters
  • facilitate or assist with general advocacy, representation, and negotiations as appropriate; consult with public sector bodies
  • communicate with parties
  • implement arrangements for facilitating the resolution of disagreements between a public sector body, employees and/or organisations representing employees on labour relations matters; and
  • obtain standing warrants to appear as agent and sign documents for public sector bodies, in proceedings before industrial tribunals
  • PSLR is solely responsible for the management and maintenance of multi-respondent public sector awards

Contact – For Public Sector Agencies Only 

Before contacting a Public Sector Labour Relations Adviser, please note the following:

  • This service is for use by public sector labour relations/human resource management practitioners only. PSLR does not assist public sector employees.
  • Public sector employees should contact their agency's human resource department for advice concerning employment matters.
  • Private sector employers and employees should contact Commerce's Wageline service.
  • All enquiries concerning human resource management issues, senior executive service (SES) attraction and retention incentives should be directed to the Public Sector Commission

Public Sector Labour Relations Advisers: 

Public Sector Portfolio Public Sector Labour Relations Adviser
Animal Resources Authority
Department of Agriculture and Food
Department of Fisheries
Potato Marketing Corporation of WA
Rural Business Development Corporation
Veterinary Surgeons' Board
Western Australian Meat Industry Authority

Primary Contact
Mary Kinsella 6552 9239


Business and Lands
Housing Authority
Department of Lands
Department of Planning
Landgate (WA Land Information)
National Trust of Australia (WA)
Small Business Devleopment Corporation
Primary Contact
Chris Bretnall 6552 9507
Secondary Contact
Tammie Kerr 6552 9534
Community Services
Department for Child Protection and Family Support
Department of Aboriginal Affairs
Disability Services Commission
Metropolitan Cemeteries Board
Primary Contact 
Lauren MacBride 6552 9301
Secondary Contact
Mary Kinsella 6552 9239
Culture and the Arts
Department of Culture and the Arts


Primary Contact
Bob Heaperman 6552 9442

Development Commissions
Department of Regional Development
Gascoyne Development Commission
Goldfields - Esperance Development Commission
Great Southern Development Commission
Kimberley Development Commission
Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
Mid-West Development Commission
Peel Development Commission
Pilbara Development Commission
South West Development Commission
Wheatbelt Development Commission
Primary Contact
Anita McCracken 6552 9476

Country High School Hostels Authority
Department of Education
Department of Education Services
School Curriculum and Standards Authority

Primary Contact
Tammie Kerr 6552 9534

Conservation Commission of Western Australia
Department of Parks and Wildlife
Department of Water
Forrest Products Commission
Keep Australia Beautiful
Office of the Environmental Protection Authority
Primary Contact
Lauren MacBride 6552 9301
Secondary Contact
Mary Kinsella 6552 9239
Department of Finance
Department of Treasury
Government Employees Superannuation Board
Insurance Commission of WA
Primary Contact
Chris Bretnall 6552 9507
Fire and Emergency Services
Department of Fire and Emergency Services
Primary Contact
Bob Heaperman 6552 9442
Building and Construction Industry Training Fund
Construction Long Service Leave Board
Economic Regulation Authority
Electoral Commission, Western Australia
Office of the Information Commission
Salaries and Allowance Tribunal
Primary Contact
Carol Pickering 6552 9203
Department of Health
Health and Disability Services Complaints Office
Healthway (The Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation)
Mental Health Commission
Primary Contact 
Chris Bretnall 6552 9507
Secondary Contact
Michelle Gillam 6552 9548
Nicole Woolf 6552 9294
Industrial and Consumer Affairs
Department of Commerce
Department of the Registrar - WA Industrial Relations Commission
Work Cover WA Authority
Primary Contact
Chris Bretnall 6552 9507
Law and Order
Corruption and Crime Commission
Law Reform Commission of WA
Legal Aid Western Australia
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Office of the Ombudsman
WA Police Service

Primary Contact
Priscilla Wong 6552 9467
Secondary Contact
Carol Pickering 6552 9203

Mining and Development
Department of Mines and Petroleum
Department of State Development
Primary Contact
Lauren MacBride 6552 9301
Department of the Attorney General
Department of Corrective Services
Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services
Primary Contact
Anita McCracken 6552 9476
Public Sector
Commissioner for Children and Young People
Department of Local Government and Communities
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Equal Opportunity Commission
Office of the Auditor General
Public Sector Commission
Primary Contact
Chris Bretnall 6552 9507
Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (Kings Park Board)
Burswood Park Board
Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor
Deparment of Sport and Recreation
Rottnest Island Authority
Lotterywest (Lotteries Commission of WA)
Tourism Commission, WA
VenuesWest (the Western Australian Sports Centre Trust)
Zoological Parks Authority
Primary Contact
Priscilla Wong 6552 9467
Secondary Contact
Bob Heaperman 6552 9442


Training and Workforce Development
North Metropolitan TAFE
South Metropolitan TAFE
Central Regional TAFE
North Regional TAFE
South Regional TAFE 
Primary Contact
Sam Dane 6552 9211
Department of Transport
Main Roads Western Australia
Public Transport Authority
Road Safety Commission
Primary Contact
Jo Coates 6552 9542
Secondary Contact
Tammie Kerr 6552 9534





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