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Wageline's WA award summaries provide pay rates and an overview of major employment conditions for the most commonly used WA awards. If you don't know if a WA award applies to your job please contact Wageline to discuss award coverage. 

If you are covered by a WA award, you should ensure that:

  • you are being paid at least what is required by the award, including penalty rates and overtime
  • you receive the correct leave entitlements (e.g. annual leave and sick leave)
  • your working hours, overtime and rostering arrangements, including penalty rates, comply with the award requirements
  • any other award requirements are being met

WA award summaries (A - E)

WA award summaries (F - Z)

Check the Minimum rates of pay for award free employees page for pay rates if you are not covered by an award.  

Full copies of all WA awards are available on the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission website.

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