Workforce planning

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Workforce planning is about being proactive. It involves looking at the skills and capabilities of your current staff compared with the skills your business will need in the future. Identifying the gap between current and future capability allows you to effectively plan for the long term.

Your workforce plan will target the areas you need to improve. For example you may find you need to attract new employees and up-skill your existing employees or perhaps you are finding it hard to keep staff and your plan will focus on retaining employees.

By ensuring that your employees possess the right skills and are a good fit for the job, workforce planning can help  improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of your business.

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The Department of Training and Workforce Development’s Workplace Essentials for Better Business website provides small to medium businesses with a 'one-stop' gateway to useful information, templates, links and resources that can help you to better plan, attract, develop and retain a skilled workforce.

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