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Please email your enquiry to, or call Wageline during business hours on 1300 655 266.

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Industrial relations laws that apply from 27 March 2006 mean that, many Western Australian Businesses previously in the State Labour Relations system are now covered by the federal system. These changes may impact upon your enquiry. For more information, click here or contact Wageline on 1300 655 266 (during business hours).

Wageline provides information on State private sector awards, agreements and legislation. Wageline cannot provide information on wages and conditions for those under the federal system.

Use this form for general enquiries to Wageline about wages and conditions of employment for business in Western Australia covered by the State system.

Step 1: Does this enquiry relate to an employment matter within the state of Western Australia?


Thank you for your enquiry.

Wageline is only able to respond to enquiries regarding pay and conditions of employment in Western Australia. If this enquiry relates to employment outside Western Australia, it may be appropriate to direct it to one of the following organisations:

State     Enquiries
South Australia
New South Wales
Victoria, Australian Capital Territory,
  or Northern Territory

Step 2: Does this enquiry relate to employment in the private sector?


Thank you for your enquiry.

Wageline is only able to respond to enquiries regarding employment in the private sector in Western Australia.

If you are a public sector employee or a public sector manager seeking information about wage rates and/or employment conditions, please contact your human resources department.

If you are a public sector Labour Relations/Human Resource manager or practitioner requiring information about a public sector award or agreement, please contact your Commerce Labour Relations Adviser.

Step 3: Is the business concerned a constitutional corporation?

A business is usually considered a constitutional corporation if it is incorporated and has significant financial or trading activities. A proprietary limited ("Pty. Ltd.") company is a constitutional corporation, and the classification also includes (but is not limited to) charitable organisations, educational institutions and health services providers.


We may still be able to assist with this enquiry.

If the business you are enquiring in regards to is a Constitutional Corporation it falls under the jurisdiction of the federal labour relations system. For enquiries relating to wages and conditions in the federal system, please contact the Workplace Infoline on 1300 363 264 or via their website.

While it is possible that our department may be able to address your enquiry, in some instances we may need to refer you to the relevant agency.


Step 4: If this enquiry relates to an employee, is the employee covered by an Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA) that has been registered with the Workplace Authority?

An Australian Workplace Agreement is an individual agreement between the employer and employee that has been written in accordance with the federal Workplace Relations Act 1996 and been formally lodged with the Workplace Authority.

If you are unsure and would like to check whether an AWA has been lodged, please contact the Workplace Infoline on 1300 363 264.


Thank you for your enquiry.

Work done under an Australian Workplace Agreement falls under the federal jurisdiction. Enquiries relating to employees covered by an AWA can be made by contacting the Workplace Infoline on 1300 363 264 or via their website.

Step 5: Personal details.

To allow Wageline to deal with your enquiry most efficiently, it is requested that you provide a contact telephone number to allow our officers to contact you directly to establish the full facts of your situation and answer your enquiry. Any information obtained is confidential, and is subject to Commerce's Privacy Statement.
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Step 6: Employment information.

Information provided is confidential, and subject to Commerce's Privacy Statement.
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Employer's Business Name:
Employer's Australian Business Number (ABN):
This information may be found on your pay slip, or you can use the ABN Lookup Service.
Employer's Industry:
If uncertain, please provide a brief description of the employer's business activities.
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Many awards and some laws apply differently to people who are under 21 years of age. If this enquiry relates to an employee under 21 years of age, please state the age of the employee.
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Step 7: Enquiry details.

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Step 8: Please check that the information you have supplied is correct before sending us your enquiry.

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Wageline endeavours to respond to website enquiries within five (5) working days. If advice is required more urgently, please call Wageline direct on 1300 655 266.