The officers of the licensed organisation are responsible for the preparation of accounts in accordance with the requirements of the Act and the Regulations. It is thier responsibility to undertake...
Consumer Protection
Form – application
22 Aug 2017
To be used to apply for a new charitable collections licence. Instructions Type directly into the form electronically before printing and signing it or hand print neatly using an ink pen in block...
Consumer Protection
Form – application
17 Aug 2017
This Industry Bulletin serves as a reminder to residential builders and permit authorities about their obligations and duties under the Home Building Contracts Act 1991 and related legislation,...
Building Commission
09 Aug 2017
All charities licensed in Western Australia must submit an Income and Expenditure Statement to the Commissioner for Consumer Protection in Western Australia annually. When to use this form All...
Consumer Protection
Form – notification
06 Oct 2017
Wageline's employee or subcontractor fact sheet provides a publication format version of the information on the Employee or subcontractor page of this website for ease of printing.
Labour Relations
Fact sheet
07 Aug 2017
DECISION REGULATORY IMPACT STATEMENT The recommendations detailed in this paper represent the Department’s final recommendations to Government arising from the statutory review process. A summary of...
Consumer Protection
Consultations / public comment
24 Aug 2017
Elective activities must be approved by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection. Trainers are invited to submit professional development activities, which meet the aims and purpose of the CPD...
Consumer Protection
Form – application
27 Jul 2017
What is a retail shop lease? Entering into a lease for a retail shop means that you (the tenant or lessee) are entering into a legally binding contract with the landlord (or lessor). The lease...
Consumer Protection
Guide / handbook
29 Aug 2017


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