This technical note has been issued to clarify the venting requirements for pumping apparatus including the connected drains, branch drains and fixture discharge pipes as listed in AS/NZS 3500.2:2015...
Building Commission
Technical standards
13 Jun 2017
Recently WorkSafe became aware that a number of empty sea containers had come into Fremantle port contaminated with raw chrysotile (white asbestos). The friable asbestos was present within the sea...
30 May 2017
Building Commission
Consultations / public comment
29 May 2017
Oil or fat may need to be drained from free standing or bench-top fryers for filtering, cleaning or disposal. Risk factors associated with draining deep fryers include: burns from either hot oil or...
Fact sheet
31 May 2017
WorkSafe Western Australia is the government agency responsible for regulating WA’s occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation. This fact sheet offers essential information to assist employers...
Fact sheet
29 Jun 2017
This Industry Bulletin outlines interconnection requirements for mains-powered smoke alarms installed as part of new building work, such as an addition or alteration, to existing dwellings. This...
Building Commission
12 May 2017
The following is a guide for home owners who may have concerns about the stability of the plasterboard ceilings within their home.
Building Commission
Fact sheet
11 May 2017
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are being installed in increasing numbers in electricity distribution networks, homes, remote area power supplies and commercial/industrial installations...
Guide / handbook
08 May 2017


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