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This publication is a summary of pay and entitilements for award free employees.

This award free summary outlines the minimum rates of pay and entitlements for award free employees, including apprentices and trainees, in the state industrial relations system.  It covers businesses which operate as:

  • sole traders (eg Jane Smith trading as Jane’s Beauty)
  • unincorporated partnerships (eg Jane and Bob Smith trading as Jane’s Beauty)
  • unincorporated trust arrangements (Jane and Bob Smith as trustees for Jane’s Beauty)

This summary does not cover businesses and organisations in the national industrial relations system which operate as:

  • Pty Ltd businesses that are trading or financial corporations (eg Smith Pty Ltd trading as Jane’s Beauty)
  • incorporated associations and other not-for-profit bodies (that are trading or financial corporations)

If the business or organisation is in the national system visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website


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Last updated 21 Jul 2017

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