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Who needs to complete this form

Motor vehicle dealers and motor vehicle repair businesses are required to report details of changes to licensed staff, including details of staff including new staff and staff no longer employed within the business, within 14 days of the change.

Section 7g of the Motor Vehicle Repairs Regulations 2007 states: 

7G.         Change of certain information, licensee to notify Commissioner of:

  1. In this regulation, qualified repairer of a licensee means:
    1. a repairer of the licensee who holds a certificate for the class, or any of the classes, of repair work carried out by the licensee; and
    2. if the licensee carries out autogas work — a repairer of the licensee who holds a Class E permit or authorisation for the type, or any of the types, of gas fuel system on which the licensee carries out autogas work. 
  2. This regulation applies to a licensee if any of the following events occurs - 
    1. a person ceases to be a qualified repairer of the licensee;
    2. a person becomes a qualified repairer of the licensee.
  3. The licensee must, within 14 days after an event mentioned in subregulation (2) occurs, notify the Commissioner in writing of the event, specifying —
    1. the full name of the person concerned; and
    2. the day on which the person ceases to be, or becomes, a qualified repairer of the licensee.

Penalty: a fine of $2 000.

What you need to complete the form

  • Complete the notification form, including signature
  • provide staff details including:
    • Name
    • Role in the business
    • Licence or Certificate Number
    • Date employed or date ceased employment

How to submit your form

Email your completed form to

The fees and forms page contains further details about:

  • how to lodge forms and applications;
  • other licensing forms; and 
  • how to contact us.
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