Code of Practice for Vegetation Worker Electrical Safety

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This code details the requirements for vegetation control work carried out near the live conductors of overhead power lines and is to be read in conjunction with Electricity Regulations 1947 Regulation 316A.

The code has been developed to ensure the safety of the general public and workers cutting trees near power lines.

Specific areas covered are:

  • General principles
  • General safety requirements
  • Safe approach distances
  • Vegetation clearances
  • Work procedures
  • Competency and authorisation
  • Plant, tools and equipment

Your work practices must comply with this mandatory code.

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Training information

The training units required under the Code of Practice have been selected from the Certificate II in ESI - Powerline Vegetation Control. Workers may choose to take further steps to gain a recognised qualification, rather than a certificate of attainment issued by an RTO for the individual units required by the Code of Practice.

Confirmed training providers are:

Recognition of Prior Learning by an RTO will only be required for training units that are prerequisites for mandatory training units in the Code.



Code of practice
Last updated 04 May 2015

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