Consumer Protection Enforcement and Prosecution policy

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The Consumer Protection Enforcement and Prosecution policy was published in September 2011 and relates to Consumer Protection issues only. 

Consumer Protection promotes enforcement action to achieve compliance in an appropriate, consistent, transparent and measurable manner.  Its main focus is on achieving compliance through education first.  

More formal enforcement will be required where serious matters and poor attitudes to compliance are apparent.

In making decisions, Consumer Protection is bound by its Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct: in particular Consumer Protection will act fairly.

The policy covers the following areas:

  1. Explanatory Notes
  2. Enforcement
  3. Available Enforcement Methods
  4. Pecuniary Penalties
  5. Prosecution
  6. Plea Negotiation
  7. Actions in the State Administrative Tribunal
  8. Appeals
Consumer Protection
Last updated 16 May 2018

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