Guidelines for the management of vegetation near power lines

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Fires or electrical hazards and accidents can occur if vegetation is not controlled or cleared around overhead power lines, resulting in serious risks to people and property and significant costs to the community.

The purpose of this document is to clarify the responsibilities for controlling and clearing vegetation around overhead power lines. Management includes pruning, cutting and trimming, removing vegetation and disposing of vegetation endangering power lines.

EnergySafety, as the State’s energy industry technical and safety regulator, has developed these guidelines with the network operators in Western Australia.

The requirements apply to power lines owned and operated by network operators throughout the State.

The responsibilities set out in these guidelines are based on the policy framework developed through extensive community consultation prior to being enacted in legislation.

This publication has been produced by EnergySafety, a division of the Department of Commerce. However, for enquiries about vegetation control around overhead power lines, telephone the relevant network operator:

Western Power on 13 13 51 or Horizon Power on 13 23 51.

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