Legislative changes: Land valuers bulletin issue 26 (October 2016)

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28 June 2017

Changes which affect the land valuer industry

The Licensing Provisions Bill 2015 will take effect on 1 July 2017. It amends a number of industry Acts in Western Australia including the Land Valuers Licensing Act 1978 (the Act).

The amendments to the Act will:

  • facilitate on-line licensing, by removing the requirement for the information provided in an application for a licence to be verified by the statutory declaration of the applicant;
  • include a reference that an applicant for a land valuer’s licence must both fulfil the criteria and make payment of the prescribed fees before a licence can be granted by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection; and
  • define the actions and omissions which would constitute an offence for giving false or misleading information in relation to an application for the grant or renewal of a licence.

For further information on changes to the Act visit the State Publisher’s website after the amendments go live.

Consumer Protection
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