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The “My Dardy Car” radio series are personal stories and advice from experts about buying and keeping a car.  It includes the views of a number of Indigenous consumers plus advice from a car mechanic, car dealer, ‘bush’ mechanic and experienced Consumer Protection staff.  Their stories cover:

  1. Organising my money to buy a car (mp3 10 MB);
  2. Shopping around for my Dardy car (mp3 9.8 MB);
  3. Making a deal & signing a contract (mp3 9.5 MB);
  4. Hidden costs & when to complain to Consumer Protection (mp3 9 MB);
  5. Looking after my Dardy car (mp3 8.7 MB);
  6. Finding a mechanic to repair my car (mp3 8.1 MB);
  7. My rights when getting my Dardy car fixed (mp3 6.7 MB); and
  8. Getting help from Consumer Protection (mp3 9.8 MB).
Consumer Protection
Last updated 29 May 2014

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