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In Western Australia, a residential park (a park) is a place that provides land ‘sites’ for rent, usually to house a relocatable home such as a caravan or park home.

‘Mixed’ parks provide a combination of ‘long-stay’ sites which can be occupied for more than three months and ‘short-stay’ sites for stays of less than three months.

Tenants who are staying longer than three months on a park should be located on a ‘longstay’ site instead of a ‘short-stay’ site. Tenants on mixed parks should be aware that they may have to share recreational and toilet facilities with holidaymakers.

Other parks may contain only long-stay sites. These parks may be called ‘lifestyle villages’ and may accommodate long-stay tenants only. Sometimes, lifestyle villages can also be retirement villages – if this is the case, they will be covered by the Retirement Villages Act 1992, and not by residential park laws.

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