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Generic or global variations or exemptions for domestic or commercial or mobile engine installations

The Director of Energy Safety under regulation 32(3) of the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999 has issued the following variations or exemptions from requirements in the codes and standards listed in Schedule 7 of the regulations. Each variation or exemption has been allocated a number for future identification purposes.

These variation or exemptions can generally be applied to gas installations in Western Australia. Gas installations that utilise a variation/exemption must conform to the conditions imposed in the variation or exemption, including the recording of the variation or exemption number on the compliance badge/mobile compliance plate, by the gas fitter who carries out the work.

The generic and global variations or exemptions are tabulated.

Variations and exemptions from requirements in the codes and standards listed in Schedule 7 of the regulations


Variation/exemption number Date of issue Standard or code clause number Description of variation/exemption
12/29 14 November 2012 AS/NZS 1596/5.6.1 Proprietary (Brugg Rohrsystem AG Flexwell LPG Pipework PN25 bar version) piping can be installed underground on Propane vapour return and liquid supply connecting between the tank turret and dispensers of LP Gas storage facilities in service stations, subject to the condition that it has a manufacturer’s pressure test certificate with every batch showing a burst pressure rating of greater than 8.8MPa, is terminated in proprietary fittings, has an outer polymer layer for corrosion protection and is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions by a manufacturer trained gas fitter.
11/44 11 November 2011 AG 601–1998,
AS 5601/AG 601-2000,
AS 5601/AG 601-2002,
AS 5601–2004,
AS/NZS 5601-2010
AS/NZS 5601

Notices of Completion and compliance badges for gas installations in caravans and boats used for nonpropulsive purposes where the existing installation complied with requirements at the time, when they were completed before 19 July 2011 and meet the conditions below, then their existing gas installations (and appliances) may be considered as complying under regulation 32(3)(c) of the regulations. Conditions are as follows:

  1. There is evidence of date of manufacture of the caravan or boat before 19 July 2011.
  2. There is reasonable evidence that a gas fitter can confirm compliance with the previous regulations and referenced Australian standards or Australian Gas Association codes applicable.
  3. There is no practical alternative available for the existing gas appliances in the caravan or boat to be fitted with flame safeguard systems to all burners.
  4. There is no practical alternative available for the caravan or boat ventilation openings to be upgraded.
  5. Written confirmation is obtained from the consumer (owner/operator) who is to acknowledge comprehending the consequences of:
    1. Existing gas appliances not fitted with flame safeguard systems to all burners.
    2. Caravan or boat has existing ventilation openings that have not been upgraded.
  6. Gas fitter is to note the variation/exemption details on each caravan or boat’s compliance badge and Notice of Completion (under Section 8).


  1. Failure to comply with these conditions results in a lapse of this Notice of Variation/Exemption.
  2. This policy does not apply if a known safety concern has been identified or should be reasonably be able to be identified in relation to that part of the installation.
  3. Where replacement of a gas appliance is undertaken, then the proposed installation shall be considered as an upgrade and the modified part of the installation comply with the current standard AS/NZS 5601.
  4. Any pipework and/or fittings must comply with the current standard.
09/42 18 August 2009 AS 1425/3.13 Proprietary (Orbital Engine Company [Australia] Pty Ltd) liquefied petroleum gas injection system can be installed with electrical terminals located outside of the compartment or sub-compartment, subject to the condition that the compartment or sub-compartment have components fitted with electrical terminals encapsulated inside harness connectors with high rating break down voltages and be capable of sustaining a gas explosion within.
09/41 18 August 2009 AS 1425/ 3.17.4(a)(iii) Proprietary (Orbital Engine Company [Australia] Pty Ltd) liquefied petroleum gas injection system can be installed with a ventilation duct material of lesser thickness, subject to provision of the dual hoses having a rated working pressure of 300kPa and capable of sustaining the full release of the relief valve.
09/39 18 August 2009 AS 1425/5.3 Proprietary (Apollo Gas Pty Ltd, OMEGAS, Landi Relenzo S.p.A TYE IG1) LP Gas vehicle fuel system can be installed without a bracket on the combination fuel filter automatic safety shut off device directly coupled to the coupled to the vaporizer and regulator, subject to the provision of a Luxembourg Ministry of Transport prior certification. Vaporizer and regulator, subject to the provision of a Luxembourg Ministry of Transport prior certification.



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