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  1. Section 5: Permits and processes

    Four: Occupancy permit strata Five: Building approval certificate strata Six: Demolition permit One ... additional information as required to determine the application. Four Occupancy permit strata 30.jpg, by ... ebleakley If you wish to lodge a strata plan for registration or resubdivide a lot in a strata scheme under ...

  2. Section 10: Processing applications

    BA11 Occupancy permit strata Class 2 to Class 9 buildings for which an occupancy permit is required ... structures and other buildings that don't require an occupancy permit CBC BA15 Building approval strata ...

  3. Section 10 (continued): Processing applications

    certified (BA1) Demolition permit (BA5) Occupancy permit (BA9) Occupancy permit strata (BA11) Building ... approval certificate (BA13) Building approval certificate strata (BA15) 10 business days Building permit ...