Federal and state ministers have agreed to significant building regulation reforms to the National Construction Code (NCC).
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04 Jun 2014
Koondoola painter Trajce Punevski, currently trading as Gnangara Painting Services, has been successfully prosecuted by the Building Commissioner for carrying out painting without registration and using a cancelled registration number on his vehicle and business card. Punevski was found guilty of three charges at the Perth Magistrates Court on 6 December 2013 and ordered to pay fines of $5,000...
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19 Dec 2013
The Building Commission will introduce a number of enhancements to its existing compliance program in 2014, aimed at ensuring performance standards are being met and the licensing system works as intended. Many licensed plumbing contractors will have experienced a ‘compliance check’ from one of the Building Commission’s plumbing inspectors and in 2014, a compliance check of a contractor’s records...
Building and Energy
Department News
28 Nov 2013


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