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Check out WorkSafe’s range of videos. These videos are free to view and can be used by workplaces, people who are studying safety and health and for training and teaching purposes. Videos Managing the risk of falls at workplaces: Running time: 13:05 mins Falling from one level to another is a major...
The purpose of this information is to provide users of flue-less gas space heaters with guidance on their safe use. What is a flue-less gas space heater? A flue-less gas space heater is a gas appliance that does not have a flue to collect and exhaust to an outside area, the products of combustion...
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Codes of practice provide guidance for employers, contractors, people in control of workplaces and workers on the management of safety and health hazards and risks associated with an issue and some of the relevant requirements under the legislation. The Minister responsible for occupational safety...
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Portable pools can pose a safety risk, especially for children under the age of five. Even in a small portable pool with very little water, it only takes seconds for a child to drown. Inflatable and portable pools can present a danger as they are not usually fenced and may not be completely emptied...
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RCDs Lessors must have two RCDs installed on the switchboard at their rental premises before it can be leased. Energy Safety has more detailed information about RCDs. Smoke Alarms In the case of a fire, toxic smoke, rather than heat and flames, is the most immediate threat to life. As many fires...
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Consumer Protection has one metropolitan Perth office and six regional locations in Western Australia. Need to submit a payment? Cashier counter services are located at the Cannington office , you can lodge payments for: tenancy bonds; licence and registration applications; and associations,...
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A safety and health committee can be established if any employee requests a committee, or the employer decides to establish one. The WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner can direct the appointment of a committee. Each workplace can choose the best committee structure to suit their operation. For...
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Safety and health representatives are offered support through WorkSafe's community education officers. The community education officers are available to come to your workplace to give talks on the role of WorkSafe, to explain the obligations of employers and employees under the Act on a range of...
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WorkSafe has a number of checklists to assist you in making your workplace safe. Subby pack The first step Checklist for asbestos management - first step Checklist for chemicals in the workplace Checklist for confined space Checklist for electricity Checklist for evacuation Checklist for forklifts...
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An operator dismounted the reach truck forklift he was driving, while the plant was still moving. He tripped forward towards the ground, breaking his fall by extending both hands out in front. As the...
22 Jun 2018
WorkSafe is investigating an incident in which an employee was fatally injured. He was struck by a section of pipe at a wastewater treatment plant during pipe modification works. Preliminary...
23 May 2018
The purpose of this Safety Alert is to remind workplaces of the importance of conducting regular service and inspections for vehicle hoists. WorkSafe Western Australia has been inspecting workplaces...
01 Aug 2018
A serious accident at a mechanical workshop involving the ignition of a flammable liquid is currently being investigated by DMIRS. The workshop uses a flammable solvent to clean car components. An...
22 May 2018
This fact sheet provides information about lightning and includes duties for employers of outdoor workers and precautions to be taken to reduce the risk of injuries and deaths as a result of...
Fact sheet
18 May 2018
This checklist designed for employees, OSH Representatives or supervisors in the health care industry to assist with investigation of incidents resulting from violence and aggression from clients/...
12 Feb 2018
Quick stats are snapshots of WA workplace injury and disease hotspots.
04 Jan 2019
This occupational safety and health (OSH) newsletter has been developed to provide information and assistance to workplaces that import plant and equipment or spare parts for plant and equipment. It...
11 Jan 2018
An up to date list of those licenced to perform unrestricted asbestos work in accordance with Part 5 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996.
30 Oct 2019
In 2017/18, WorkSafe WA is conducting a proactive inspection campaign focusing on other store based retailing outlets, with a view to improving safety within the industry. The campaign will involve...
27 Nov 2017


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