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Welcome to the commercial vehicle driver fatigue management training package.

The training package Staying alert at the wheel is designed to help commercial vehicle drivers to meet the above requirements. The package assists them to understand the impact of fatigue and to work with managers and supervisors adopting strategies to prevent fatigue. It should be read and understood before attempting the online self-assessment review questions.  

There are online self assessment questions. Successful completion of the review questions leads to an online statement of completion being issued. 

The applicant should provide their employer with a copy of the statement of completion for their records.

What is the responsible person (managers and supervisors) required to do?

The responsible person at the workplace has a duty to comply with the following requirements:

  • to ensure that commercial vehicles are operated in accordance with the commercial vehicle
  • operating standard;
  • to ensure that every commercial vehicle driver is certified by a medical practitioner as fit to drive the commercial vehicle; 
  • to ensure that there is a fatigue management plan that covers every commercial vehicle driver; and 
  • to ensure that records are kept in accordance with the regulations for driving commercial vehicles.

The responsible person also has general duties under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 and the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996.  These general duties include ensuring that employees and contractors who drive commercial vehicles have adequate information, instruction, training and supervision, in order that they can work in a safe manner.

Responsible person (managers and supervisors) training package

The training package  Developing a fatigue management plan for commercial vehicle drivers and operators in WA helps the responsible person to meet the above requirements. The package explains the impact of fatigue on commercial vehicle drivers and other road users and provides assistance to the responsible person at a workplace to develop a Driver Fatigue Management Plan, as required by Occupational Safety and Health Regulation 3.133.

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