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buying cars

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There’s nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on car only to find out that it’s a lemon. If you’re sick of public transport and or looking to buy a car, whether it be your first one or you’re sick of your current one, you still need to know how to go about it. That means budgeting to pay for it, getting the right deal, buying it privately or through a car dealer, and what checks to make.


  • How can you value a car? (
  • Car dealer or private sale?
  • Use the RAC Check
  • Finance – look for conditions in a contract
  • Remember, there is NO cooling off period for buying cars in WA
  • A car salesman is NOT your friend. He’s a car salesman.

The Real Deal Radio Show

  • Buying cars mp3 format no music, file size 3.4Mb, duration 29:02

Broadcast on 8 December 2004, the show consisted of the following segments.

  • The Real Deal Promo duration 0:10
  • Talkbreak 1 duration 0:18
  • Intro Vox Pop 1 duration 0:51
  • Talkbreak 2 duration 0:24
  • Interview with Chad Prout duration 5:52
  • Talkbreak 3 duration 0:11
  • Work experience girls 1 duration 0:38
  • Talkbreak 4 duration 0:48
  • Interview John Hughes (part one) duration 3:28
  • Interview John Hughes (part two) duration 3:59
  • Grant and Muz comedy skit duration 3:01
  • Filler vox pop duration 2:09
  • Talkbreak 5 duration 0:19
  • Live interview with Brad from SGIO duration 3:47
  • Feedback duration 2:03
  • Work experience girls 2 duration 1:12
  • Talkbreak 6 duration 1:09

The Real Deal Credits

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