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OK, you have all this stuff you want to buy but don’t have the cash so your friends say maybe you should get a credit card. You know that the card lets you buy things even when you don’t have to the money to pay for it. But you’re not too sure because you've heard all these stories about maxing out and getting in debt before you even get paid. You don’t want to be paying off one credit card with another credit card so it’s worth it to learn how to shop smart and protect your consumer rights.


  • Think before you buy
  • Shop around for at least 3 quotes
  • Ask for advice if you are unsure
  • Inspect goods carefully before buying them
  • Don’t take advertising too seriously
  • Don’t be pressured into buying
  • Limit deposits on big purchases to 10%. They are negotiable; you don’t have to pay the percentage asked.
  • Keep all your invoices, warranties, credit card receipts

The Real Deal Radio Show

Broadcast on 15 December 2004, the show consisted of the following segments.

  • The Real Deal Promo duration 0:10
  • Talkbreak 1 duration 0:59
  • Vox Pop impulse buys duration 1:37
  • Talkbreak 2 duration 0:25
  • Interview with Will Morgan part 1 duration 3:18
  • Interview with Will Morgan part 2 duration 3:06
  • Grant and Muz comedy skit duration 2:45
  • Talkbreak 3 duration 0:26
  • Interview with Nati Kaveh duration 3:18
  • Feedback duration 3:06
  • Talkbreak 4 duration 1:19

The Real Deal Credits

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