$10,000 in fines for building without a permit

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LRC Pty Ltd (Reg. BC4910) and its sole operator Giuseppe De Petra (Reg. BP7328) have been ordered by the Building Services Board to pay fines of $5,000 each to the Building Commissioner for negligent conduct under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011.

The Building Services Board held that the company and Mr De Petra, who is also a director and the nominated supervisor of the company, were negligent by carrying out building work without a building permit which is an offence under the Building Act 2011. The company had completed approximately 35 per cent of the construction of four factory units and one warehouse at a Bibra Lake property in June 2014 without first obtaining a building permit from the City of Cockburn.

In determining the penalty to be imposed, the Board took into account previous disciplinary action against the company on similar grounds in 2004. In proceedings conducted by the abolished Builders’ Registration Board, the company was fined $1,400 and ordered to pay costs of $918 after being found negligent for failing to ensure that a building permit was obtained for building work carried out at another Bibra Lake property. Mr De Petra was a director and nominated supervisor of the company at the time.

“For LRC Pty Ltd and Mr De Petra to continue to flout the building laws, despite having been previously disciplined for the same offence, shows an intentional disregard for the laws and a negligent attitude towards compliance with them,” said Acting Building Commission Executive Director Jane Vallance.

“This behaviour is completely irresponsible and certainly not what we expect of a registered builder.

“The two $5,000 fines imposed by the Board in this instance send a clear message to Mr De Petra and anyone who intends to break the building laws that these are serious offences that have the potential to compromise public safety and can attract significant penalties.

“The Building Commission will continue to name those who put consumer interests and the reputation of the building industry at risk.”

For information on builders’ responsibilities, visit the Building Commission website www.commerce.wa.gov.au/building-commission, phone 1300 489 099 or email be.info@dmirs.wa.gov.au.


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