$12,000 fine for illegal motor vehicle dealer and repairer (Terrence John Tanner)

An unlicensed motor vehicle dealer and repairer has been fined a total of $12,000 by the Armadale Magistrates Court for operating a business without the proper licences.

Terrence John Tanner of Kelmscott had bought and sold numerous vehicles between July 2012 and July 2014 without having a dealer’s licence as required by the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. He was fined $10,000 for this offence on 23 October 2014.

Also during this period, Mr Tanner carried out ‘trimming work’ which is a class of repair work which requires a licence under the Motor Vehicle Repairers Act. He was fined $2,000 for this offence. Additionally, Mr Tanner was required to pay costs of $1,192.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll said the buying and selling of motor vehicles as a business, as well as carrying on a business that involves repairing motor vehicles, requires a licence.

“The licensing system ensures high standards are maintained by confirming that licensees are suitably qualified to work in the industry and are fit and proper people,” Ms Driscoll said.

“Those in the industry who operate without a licence undermine these standards and threaten the protections that are put in place to safeguard the consumer. We urge all unlicensed businesses to apply for a licence immediately and warn consumers not to deal with unlicensed operators.”

Consumers can check whether a motor vehicle dealer or repairer is licensed by doing a search on the Consumer Protection website: www.commerce.wa.gov.au/CP/licencesearch. Unlicensed motor vehicle dealers and repairers can be reported by emailing consumer@commerce.wa.gov.au or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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24 Oct 2014

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