$3,500 fine for builder’s negligent conduct

Building company Pacific Modular Pty Ltd (reg. BC14434) has been fined $3,500 by the Building Services Board for negligent conduct relating to building work it carried out without a valid building permit at a South Hedland property in 2014.

Pacific Modular had entered into a contract with the property’s owners in March 2014 for the completion of commercial premises valued at $1,177,407. The construction had been started by another builder that had since gone into liquidation and who is also facing disciplinary action.

Pacific Modular proceeded to carry out unauthorised building work at the site prior to and after applying to the Town of Port Hedland for a change of builder on the building permit. This was despite the Town having advised the company that its application was deficient and that no building work was to be carried out before a new building permit was issued.

“The unauthorised building work carried out by Pacific Modular included the installation of wall and roof framing, which are key structural components of the building,” Building Commissioner Peter Gow said.

“For the company to have carried out these works without a valid building permit could have compromised the safety of the building’s occupants.

“It is the person who is named as the builder on the building permit who is responsible for ensuring that the building is completed in accordance with the plans and specifications and complies with the applicable building standards, so it is important for this detail to be accurate.”

Having become aware of the unauthorised building work, the Town in June 2014 ordered the company to cease all work at the site until a new building permit was issued. In September 2014, having received the required information from the builder, the Town issued a new building permit for the work.

Mr Gow said, “The Building Commission will continue to prosecute and name those who put the public interest and the integrity of the building industry at risk.”


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21 Nov 2016

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