$5,000 fine for false information

A Bennett Springs man who provided false and misleading information in an attempt to become a registered builder has been prosecuted by the Building Commissioner.

The man, who pleaded guilty to two charges, was granted a spent conviction by the Perth Magistrate’s Court and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and costs of $427.10.

The man engaged a third party to obtain building practitioner registration from the Building Services Board on his behalf. He signed the declaration on the application form stating that all information provided was true and correct but a number of the documents submitted for the Board’s consideration were false. The false documents included references and a resume that claimed the man had worked for two companies he had not worked for.

Building Commission Acting Executive Director Sandy Randall said, “The man was obliged to ensure that the documents submitted in his registration application were accurate in every respect.

“The false and misleading information was identified by a Building Commission officer who was carrying out independent checks of the references provided by the applicant.

“While the man withdrew his registration application after being questioned by the Building Commission, his conduct breached the building laws and resulted in his prosecution.”

The Building Commission recently warned that applicants who provided false or misleading information to the Building Services Board may face disciplinary or prosecution action and penalties including fines (read the media statement).

“Regardless of whether a third party service provider is used, the applicant is responsible for ensuring their application is true and correct before they sign the declaration on the form stating this to be the case,” Ms Randall said. “Penalties of up to $25,000 apply for making false or misleading statements to the Building Services Board or providing false or misleading information in a registration application.

“Applicants should be fully aware of their obligations before they submit a registration application or contact the Building Commission for assistance on 1300 489 099 or be.info@dmirs.wa.gov.au.”


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02 Jan 2018

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