Asbestos removal and demolition operator misleading consumers over licences (David Michael Scofield)

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WA consumers are being warned about an asbestos and demolition operator who is misleading the community, by falsely claiming to hold valid WorkSafe licences which have expired or were once held by companies that have since been liquidated.

David Michael Scofield of Applecross, is the registrant of the website which contains a reference to “Class 2 Demolition Licence No. WAD 314” on its home page and “Unrestricted Asbestos Lic WA 174”, “Licence # WAD 198” and “Licence # WARA 745” on its contact page.

Action Asbestos is a business name currently registered to a company formerly under Mr Scofield’s control

Demolition contractor licence WAD#314 initially issued to a company formerly under Mr Scofield’s control which went into liquidation on 10 March 2020 has now been suspended by the Worksafe Western Australia Commissioner. The licence WAD#198 has expired.

Unrestricted asbestos removal licence WA 174 and restricted asbestos removal licence WARA 745 were issued to the liquidated company but have since expired or have been cancelled by the Worksafe Western Australia Commissioner.

The false licence claims were also made on two other related websites: and which were closed down following requests from liquidators.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Lanie Chopping said most demolition and asbestos removal can only be performed by individuals or companies that have current and valid licences.

“It is misleading for anyone to quote WorkSafe demolition and asbestos removal licence numbers on their websites, or any marketing material, unless those licences are valid and registered under their correct names,” Ms Chopping said.

“David Scofield is, or was, a Director of nine different companies, four of which are in liquidation with substantial amounts of money being owed to creditors.

“We would warn consumers about dealing with Mr Scofield or any unlicensed operator, especially considering the importance of demolition work and asbestos removal being carried out under strict conditions by suitably qualified and trained personnel to ensure the safety of the community.”

Licence checks can be made on the WorkSafe website:

Licensed demolition contractors

Unrestricted asbestos licence holders

Restricted asbestos licence holders

Consumers who believe they have been misled by licence claims, can lodge a complaint on the Consumer Protection website. Enquiries can be made by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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04 Dec 2020

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