Avoid operator of aircon and trailer businesses due to complaints (Kyle Feisst / Wat4Now Customs)

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  • Business operator takes consumer payments but fails to complete or deliver
  • Aircon and trailer businesses promoted on Facebook
  • Mr Feisst refuses to cooperate to resolve a large number of complaints

A Perth man who offers air conditioning installations and repairs as well as custom-built vehicle trailers has been taking consumers’ money but fails to complete the work or supply any goods or services at all, triggering a public warning from Consumer Protection.

Kyle John Graham Feisst has attracted 28 consumer complaints since May 2017 but most have been received in recent months.

Mr Feisst’s air conditioning business name was de-registered in May 2020 but is now also being used by an unrelated legitimate company. He advertises his Canning Vale trailer business on Facebook Marketplace under the unregistered name of Wat4Now Customs, sometimes also known as Wot4now Customs.

Consumer Protection issued a formal warning to Mr Feisst in March 2020 but a further ten complaints have since been received and he continues to advertise both his air conditioning services and trailer construction/repair business. Consumers claim to be owed a total of $30,000.

Accepting deposits from consumers and failing to supply is an offence under the Australian Consumer Law. Mr Feisst has also refused to repair or replace several faulty air conditioning systems that he has installed and, in one case, the system was not the correct size.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Gary Newcombe said Mr Feisst has been uncooperative in his dealings with both his customers and the Department.

“Mr Feisst has reacted aggressively to aggrieved customers’ attempts to get a refund and to our conciliation officers’ attempts to resolve these complaints,” Mr Newcombe said.

“He has also abused and threatened customers who have posted complaints on Facebook where he promotes his business activities. It’s clear to us that Mr Feisst has little regard for his customers’ complaints and his legal obligations under consumer law.

“We would strongly recommend consumers consider the services of other providers involved in air conditioning and custom trailer businesses before dealing with Mr Feisst and Wat4now Custom.

“If engaging the services of an aircon business, ensure that it is not operated by Mr Feisst as he continues to trade under a previous business name that is now being used by a properly registered and legitimate company listed by ASIC.”

Other consumers who have had unsatisfactory dealings with Kyle Feisst and have yet to lodge a formal complaint should do so on the Consumer Protection website. Enquiries can be made by email consumer@dmirs.wa.gov.au or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


Media Contact: Alan Hynd, (08) 6552 9248 / 0429 078 791 / alan.hynd@dmirs.wa.gov.au  

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13 Jul 2021

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