Benchmark director fined for failure to supervise

Hillarys man Saad Soliman (reg. BP10488), as the sole director, nominated supervisor and secretary of liquidated building company Benchmark Designer Homes (BC10941), has been ordered to pay by consent a $5,000 fine and costs of $10,000 as a result of disciplinary action by the Building Services Board.

The Board determined that Mr Soliman did not properly manage and supervise a building service that he was responsible for managing and supervising at seven properties – one each in Mount Lawley, Floreat and Maylands and two each in Hillarys and Melville – between 2012 and 2014.

Benchmark Designer Homes was placed in administration in April 2015, triggering home indemnity insurance for home owners left with incomplete work.

As an initial step Benchmark’s liquidators consented to the Board suspending its registration. The suspension remained in effect until the registration expired in February 2016. The Board also placed a condition on Mr Soliman’s building practitioner registration as a precautionary measure while the Building Commission carried out its investigation.

The condition on Mr Soliman’s registration restricted him from being a nominated supervisor of another building company, partnership or body in which he owned shares or was a director, partner or member.

Following the investigation the Board was satisfied that the condition on Mr Soliman’s building practitioner registration could be lifted.

“In failing to manage and supervise the building services carried out by Benchmark Designer Homes, Mr Soliman has not met his obligations as a registered builder and has left himself open to action by the Building Services Board,” Building Commissioner Peter Gow said.

“The Board may have also pursued action against the company, however the appropriate outcome was achieved by the expiry of its contractor registration in February.

“The Building Commission will continue to hold to account and name those who put the public interest and the reputation of the building industry at risk.”


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18 Aug 2016

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