'Bikini Girls Massage' operators permanently restrained

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Originally issued Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Supreme Court of WA has ordered that the operators of ‘Bikini Girls Massage’ be permanently restrained from carrying on any unregistered business in Western Australia and from placing misleading recruitment advertisements in WA.

The Commissioner for Consumer Protection launched the legal action to stop Mr Bon Levi and Mr Colin Burton from further contravening the Business Names Act 1962 by operating an unregistered business and further contravening the Fair Trading Act 1987 by implementing misleading recruitment and work practices.

Temporary restraining orders were made by Justice Simmons on 4 June 2010 ordering that the two men:

  • stop carrying on a business, unless the business name is registered or is operating under their personal names;
  • stop distributing or displaying any literature, pamphlet, flyer or signage that contains any unregistered business name; and
  • obscure Bikini Girls Massage signage at business premises and take down the website.

The Court orders also restrained Mr Levi and Mr Burton from placing any misleading recruitment adverts unless they included a clear statement that job seekers will be required to massage nude men while wearing bikinis or similar clothing, if that is what they will be required to do.

Any advertisements must not mislead job seekers by implying that any recognised qualification may be obtained. Any proposed advertisements must be provided to Consumer Protection in draft form in advance of any publication.

The Supreme Court made the orders permanent on 21 January 2011 with the consent of Mr Levi and Mr Burton.

Members of the public with any queries should contact Consumer Protection on 1300 30 40 54.

Media enquiries: 6552 9248 or cpmedia@dmirs.wa.gov.au

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25 Jan 2011

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