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Clarkson registered builder William Stopforth (reg. BP12425 & previous reg. BC12425), trading as Phoenix Building Contractors, has lost his contractor registration and been fined by the Building Services Board for negligent conduct and failing to comply with orders of the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT).

The Board refused to renew Mr Stopforth’s building contractor registration, placed a condition on his building practitioner registration and ordered him to pay a fine of $3,500. The action taken by the Board was accepted by Mr Stopforth and was for his conduct in relation to building work he carried out at a Nannup property between March and August 2010 and a Wanneroo property between April and July 2013.

It was alleged that in contracting for work at the Nannup property Mr Stopforth demanded and received deposits in excess of 6.5% and did not provide the owners with a certificate of home indemnity insurance.

Mr Stopforth was also alleged to have been negligent in relation to the Wanneroo property by failing to provide the owners with a copy of the home building work contract, performing residential building work without a policy of home indemnity insurance, failing to obtain a building permit prior to the commencement of work and removing supporting walls in the kitchen, leaving the roof frame unsupported.

Mr Stopforth failed to comply with building remedy orders made by the SAT in relation to both properties.

The condition placed on Mr Stopforth’s building practitioner registration prohibits him from being the nominated supervisor for a building company, partnership or body in which he owns shares or is a director, partner or member.

"By conducting himself in such a manner and failing to comply with orders of the State Administrative Tribunal, Mr Stopforth has put the home owners’ interests and safety at risk,” said Building Commissioner Peter Gow.

“We expect better of a registered builder. The action taken by the Building Services Board in this instance sends a clear message to registered builders who fail to maintain proper standards or act inappropriately that the privilege of registration can be withdrawn or significantly limited.

“The Building Commission will continue to hold to account and name those who put consumer interests and the reputation of the building industry at risk.”


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17 Jun 2015

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