Builder’s false information results in no registration and fine

A Maddington builder who provided incorrect and misleading information to become registered has been fined $5,000 and his request to cancel his registration has been accepted by the Building Services Board.

The Board’s May 2017 decision to grant Sarwar Noori a building practitioner registration (BP102492 – expired) was based on documentation he has since admitted was false.

“Mr Noori told Building Commission investigators he had little involvement in the preparation and submission of his registration application, which was handled by a third party service provider,” Building Commission Acting Executive Director Ian Munns said.

“Mr Noori claimed the third party service provider created the majority of the documentation in his application. Despite this, Mr Noori was in a position to correct the false information but chose not to.

“As the person named as the applicant, Mr Noori was ultimately responsible for ensuring his application was true and correct before he signed the declaration on the form stating this to be the case.

“The penalties that apply to applicants who provide false and misleading information as part of a registration application are clearly stated in the declaration.”

At the time of this media statement’s release, Mr Noori was no longer a registered builder in Western Australia. The Board had previously placed a condition on Mr Noori’s building practitioner registration to prevent him from being the nominated supervisor of a registered building contractor while it considered the disciplinary matter against him.

“Applicants should be aware of both their obligations and the information contained in their applications before they sign the form. If not, they can contact the Building Commission for assistance on 1300 489 099 or email,” Mr Munns said.

“The Building Commission will continue to hold to account and name people who put the public interest and the reputation of the building industry at risk.”


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05 Dec 2017

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