Building company fined for sub-standard slab

East Perth registered building contractor, J-Corp Pty Ltd (BC6415), has been fined $2,500 by the Building Services Board for negligent conduct under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011. The company’s conduct related to the laying of a slab for a residential dwelling at a Baldivis property in August 2014.

The Board found J-Corp was negligent by failing to ensure the slab was constructed in accordance with the applicable building codes and standards and the approved plans and specifications, as required under the Building Act 2011.

The company’s conduct came to the Building Commission’s attention through a routine inspection carried out as part of its audit program. A Building Commission inspector, who was on-site at the time the concrete was being poured, found issues with the reinforcement of the slab and the possible disturbance of termite prevention measures caused by a concrete truck being driven over the prepared ground.

An independent inspection report obtained by J-Corp recommended remedial works which the company carried out. The City of Rockingham retrospectively approved the remedial works in October 2014 and issued J-Corp with a new building permit for the remaining works.

“While J-Corp rectified its work, the company’s initial conduct put the home owners’ interests and safety at risk,” Building Commissioner Peter Gow said.

“The action taken by the Building Services Board in this instance sends a clear message to registered builders that penalties apply if they are negligent or act inappropriately.

“Home owners who believe they have faulty building work and are getting an unsatisfactory response from their builder may be able to lodge a complaint with the Building Commission.

"The Building Commission will continue to hold to account and name those who put the public interest and the reputation of the building industry at risk.”

Information on builders’ responsibilities and the building complaint process is available on the Building Commission website at or phone 1300 489 099.


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07 Apr 2016

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