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Changes to reduce red tape for WA business

  • Removal of some licence application requirements eases the burden on business
  • Criteria to qualify as a ‘small retail shop’ expanded 
Significant reductions in red tape for Western Australian businesses, as well as further easing of retail trading restrictions.
Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said changes to the Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 would help the retail, motor vehicle and property industries.
“Most changes to the legislation address anomalies and end some unnecessary and outdated requirements. This will ease the burden on small business, reduce operating costs, and streamline the administration of these laws,” Mr Mischin said.
The changes include:
  • Motor vehicle dealers and repairers no longer have to submit local government planning certificates as part of their business licence applications
  • Motor vehicle repair business licences simplified by removing the different classes of repair work, but certification of tradespersons for the different classes remain
  • Public notices for licence applications for employment, settlement, real estate and business agents and land valuers no longer need to be published in the newspaper
  • Wholesale fuel suppliers are no longer required to post prices at terminal gates as these are now readily available on the internet
  • Abolishing the Retail Shops Advisory Committee. 
The Minister said other changes expanded the criteria for ‘small retail shops’ which are allowed to trade seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
These changes include raising the staff ceiling of the small shop category from 18 to 25 and increasing the number of shops a person may own in this category from three to four.
“This builds on the significant reforms already introduced by the State Government and fulfils an election promise to introduce moderate, incremental changes to retail trading laws,” Mr Mischin said.
“This is further proof of the Government’s ongoing commitment to reducing unnecessary red tape and will deliver many benefits for WA businesses, while continuing to protect the rights and interests of consumers.”
Minister’s office - 6552 5600
Consumer Protection
Media release
19 Nov 2014

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