Company director pays price for unregistered building work

A Parkerville man has been prosecuted by the Building Commissioner and fined $5,000 for registration offences his company committed while contracting for and carrying out the fit-out of two commercial buildings in Belmont and Jandakot in 2013.

The Perth Magistrates Court found that in relation to both sites the company had held out or implied that it was a registered building contractor when it was not; and had undertaken to carry out, and carried out, a prescribed building service without the required registration.

The court heard the company had used another builder’s registration number to obtain building permits for the projects, which were valued at $133,702 and $120,402 respectively.

As the sole director of the company, which has since become insolvent, the man was taken to have committed the offences of the company. He was granted a spent conviction and ordered by the court to pay a $5,000 fine and costs of $1,163.40.

Building Commission Acting Executive Director Sandy Randall said, “In Western Australia it is an offence to carry out building work valued over $20,000 for another person for profit or reward without the required registration. This includes fit-out work if it is of this value and requires a building permit.

“The registration system is an important protection for building owners, the industry and the community. It ensures that a person with the necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience carries out work that meets proper standards and that members of the public can have confidence in the buildings they occupy.

“The Building Commission will continue to hold to account those who put the public interest and the reputation of the building industry at risk.”


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08 Jan 2018

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