Con man revisits old hunting ground

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Originally issued Monday, 25 September 2006

Long standing con man Bon Levi, a.k.a. Roddy Farrow, Ron Frederick, Ron Heelan, Bonaldi Levi, John McCorry and ‘Ron the Con’, is targeting Perth consumers again, apparently in breach of Federal Court orders.

Thought to be currently residing on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Ron the Con has been trying to snare WA consumers into his latest racket, auto gas conversion franchises with a price tag of $40,000, by running advertisements in local newspapers with a mobile number as the contact method.

“This man is very bad news and we strongly urge anyone who has come into contact with him to report the details immediately,” WA Consumer Protection Commissioner Patrick Walker said.

“His past scams involved trying to recruit people to buy into franchises to sell snack foods out of vending machines, and this was part of the catalyst which has seem him in the Federal Court facing ACCC action.

“His activities have also involved a hair dressing salon and, more recently, auto gas conversion franchises.   

“While the ACCC conduct their enquiries, we feel it vitally important that WA consumers do not get tangled up with this career criminal,” Commissioner Walker said.

Anyone who has contacted this person as a result of his advertisements is advised to urgently contact the ACCC or Consumer Protection for assistance.

Members of the public with any queries should contact Consumer Protection on 1300 30 40 54.

Media enquiries: 6552 9248 or

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