Consumer advice for buyers of Robomaid vacuum cleaners

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Consumer Protection has issued advice to WA consumers who have ordered a Robomaid automatic vacuum cleaner and are yet to receive it, to claim a chargeback from their credit card provider or PayPal.

Robomaid Australia, the company which has been importing the product from China, has ceased to trade but has not yet appointed a receiver or liquidator.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection Gary Newcombe said there may be many affected consumers not aware of the company ceasing to trade.

“Although only four consumers have reported not receiving their product to us, the company’s Director has advised that 27 consumers have ordered the product, accessories or parts but are unlikely to receive them,” Mr Newcombe said.

“It appears the company has not fulfilled orders since early March and may not be in a financial position to offer refunds. Under these circumstances, we urge affected customers to claim a chargeback from their credit card provider or PayPal immediately.

“Current owners of the Robomaid product may also be affected as there is currently no formal arrangement for the China based manufacturer to process any warranty claims or carry out repairs which may be required.”

The Robomaid automatic vacuum cleaner was previously selling for about $600.


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05 May 2015

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