Consumer alert over seller of travel vouchers (Abdul Rehman / Prime Marketing Solutions / The Tour Groups)

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A travel business that cold calls consumers selling travel vouchers is the subject of a warning by Consumer Protection.

Abdul Rehman, who operates Prime Marketing Solutions (registered in Victoria) and The Tour Groups (unregistered), has attracted several complaints and enquiries to consumer protection agencies throughout Australia, with one complaint coming from a WA consumer.

In the WA complaint, a consumer reported receiving an unsolicited call from someone representing The Tour Groups in June 2016 and purchased a package of travel vouchers for $999, with the money being transferred to Mr Rehman’s bank account. The vouchers were received, but without instructions on how they could be redeemed and the consumer could not contact the trader to receive further information or ask for a refund.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said there are concerns that more people have been affected by the unscrupulous behaviour of this trader.

“While Consumer Protection in WA has only received one complaint against The Tour Groups, other agencies in the eastern states have received formal complaints and calls from consumers expressing their concerns about their dealings with both businesses,” Mr Hillyard said.

“Our attempts to contact Mr Rehman to respond to our concerns and address the complaints have so far been unsuccessful, raising fears that other consumers may also be at risk.

“So until these issues can be resolved, we strongly recommend consumers not to deal with Mr Rehman or anyone representing his businesses, Prime Marketing Solutions and The Tour Groups.

“Under the Australian Consumer Law, a trader who sells goods and/or services over the phone must provide a document confirming the sale to the consumer within five business days, or within a timeframe agreed to by the consumer as well as providing a 10 day cooling off period.”

WA consumers who have paid these businesses for travel vouchers but didn’t receive them are urged to contact Consumer Protection by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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15 Jun 2017

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