Disruption to Perth’s weekly petrol price cycle

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FuelWatch reports that the weekly fuel price cycle in Perth has been disrupted for the past two weeks, meaning that Wednesday being the cheapest day to buy petrol may not necessarily apply.

FuelWatch Manager Lynne Gould said, since November 2010, fuel retailers consistently increased their prices on a Thursday, with the metropolitan average price gradually dropping to become generally cheaper on Wednesdays.

“The cheapest day is now unknown. It appears that some brands are increasing their prices earlier in the week, with others following that lead, making the price fluctuations during the week more erratic and less predictable,” Ms Gould said.

“For this reason, motorists are advised to check the prices daily on the FuelWatch website to seek the cheapest price in their area, and also consider subscribing to our email alerts.

“On any particular day, some brands could have both the highest and the lowest price for fuel on sale in the metropolitan area, so motorists should check site by site, rather than shopping by brand.”

Motorists can check the mobile compatible www.fuelwatch.wa.gov.au site to find the cheapest fuel in their area. Log on after 2.30pm each day to compare today’s and tomorrow’s prices, or sign up for free emails along with the 37,000 others who benefit from daily updates. Alternatively, phone 1300 30 40 54.


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10 Jun 2015

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