Don’t believe claims being made by a dodgy 'addiction therapist' (Colin Thompson)

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Consumer Protection is warning about an ‘addiction therapist’ who has advertised his services to WA consumers and has previously been investigated by health authorities in the Northern Territory.

Colin Richard Thompson placed an advertisement in The West Australian on 16 November 2016 announcing that he was now in Perth and offering a cure for people’s addiction to smoking, gambling and alcohol. The advertisement states that he has cured thousands of people and has never had a complaint lodged against him.

In a warning issued in July 2015, the Commissioner for NT Consumer Affairs said that Mr Thompson, who was trading as Esoteric Mind Specialist and The Addiction Doctor at the time, had made false and misleading representations that have caused, or likely to cause, detriment to consumers.

The NT warning and an investigation report states that Mr Thompson promotes himself as a mind communicator and claims he can cure a wide range of ailments and addictions by “taking away the cause” of 93 “medically incurable ailments” by communicating with a person's sub conscious mind. He has no medical knowledge or qualifications and is unable to provide credible and reliable evidence to support the claims being made.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard expressed his concern that Mr Thompson is now promoting his dodgy services in WA.

“It is alarming that Colin Thompson is now offering his dubious services to WA consumers, some of whom could be considered vulnerable and open to believing the wild claims regarding the success of his treatment,” Mr Hillyard said.

“Based on the investigation by an NT health authority and the warning by the NT Consumer Affairs Commissioner, I would caution WA consumers from having any dealings with Mr Thompson and not to believe the claims he makes about his treatment program.”

A media statement by NT Consumer Affairs in July 2015:

And an investigation report by the NT Health and Community Services Complaints Commission in October 2014:

WA consumers who have engaged the services of Colin Thompson, or are considering doing so, are urged to contact Consumer Protection by emailing or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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