EnergySafety issues second Order following Morley Galleria Shopping Centre explosion

EnergySafety has issued additional safety precautions for the type of high voltage (HV) switches involved in the 3 February Morley Galleria Shopping Centre explosion.

The first Order pertained to only Long & Crawford Manchester switchgear. EnergySafety has now extended the Order to all HV oil-insulated combined-fuse switches.

Announcing this today, the Director of Energy Safety, Ken Bowron said "While the investigation is not complete, it appears that there has been a short-circuit fault in the switch tank following the rupture and disintegration of a HV fuse within the unit.

"In light of the recent findings, I have formed the opinion that further precautions must be undertaken with this type of equipment.

"I have decided to extend the Order to all equipment with similar design – not just the Long & Crawford switch-fuse units.

"In addition to banning the opening of the lid, I have now also banned the commencement of any electrical work on this type of equipment, including operation of the switching or earthing mechanisms if a HV fuse has operated" Mr Bowron said.

Mr Bowron once again reiterated that it was unsafe to perform work on any item of electrical equipment especially where there are live exposed HV electrical parts.

 "EnergySafety's investigation is progressing but is not yet complete.  If we identify anything which we believe industry and owners of similar installations need to be made aware of, we will update them without delay" Mr Bowron said.

Like with the first Order, this new Order will be sent to all licensed electrical contractors in WA and property owners likely to have these switches on their property.

Media contact:  Candace Beilby 6251 1957 or 0411 258 721 (media enquiries only) .

Second Order issued following Morley Galleria Shopping Centre explosion

The Order applies to all persons working on and owners and operators of oil-insulated HV combined-fuse switches.

Second Order on electrical installations incorporating oil-insulated HV combined-fuse switches

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24 Mar 2015

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